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Infrared Night Vision and Numberplate Capturing

Hi everyone, i hope you have all been keeping safe and sane in these coronavirus times. We have a few new updates for you all this month and have some new images captured with the new Scoutguard BG310-M

A you can see the images that the camera produces are really good and these have been reduced […]

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New 4G Scoutguard BG310-M

New 4G Scoutguard BG310-M
Hi everyone, weve been rather busy lately testing the new 4G camera from Scoutguard/Bolymedia the new BG310-M

This little camera comes as a full complete kit ready to rock and roll. Just insert a sim and your ready to go. The camera comes complete with Camera, 2 x rechargable 18650 Batteries, Solar Panel […]

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Using Your Trail Camera For Security

Did you know you can use your trail/game camera for more than just hunting deer and keeping an eye on the local wildlife. You can also use them for security around your business or home. Keeping your home or business secured from tresspassers or people who shouldnt be wandering around may not seem all that […]

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Getting The Best Out Of Your Camera

Hi everyone,
We have a few updates to go through this newsletter starting with getting the best out of your camera.
A trail camera is a valuable tool for those that hunt and want to keep an eye on specific assets.
Setting your camera up correctly will lessen the chances for missed or sub-par shots. Follow these handy tips the […]

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New Ltl Acorn 6210PLUS

Hi everyone,

Its been awhile since weve posted on the Blog but i promise to try and do a weekly update on all things Ltl Acorn and Surveillance related. First up Ltl Acorn have released a new camera called the Ltl Acorn 6210PLUS. We have been lucky enough to check it out first for Ltl Acorn […]

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New 3G Ltl Acorn On The Horizon

As many of you will know already the 2G network is on its way out which will leave many of the older MMS cameras obsolete for mms messaging. There are only a couple of true 3G cameras on the marked at the moment that work well in Australia and one of those is the awesome […]

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Scoutguard MG983G-30M

Welcome to our second newsletter.
As most of you would know the Ltl Acorn range of MMS cameras will soon be obsolete in Australia due to the 2G network being closed down. The cameras will still work as a stand alone trail camera but will no longer be able to send MMS or GPRS because the […]

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Welcome to our first Blog Post

The idea behind our Blog is to keep you our customers and subscribers to our newsletter up to date on the latest information regarding the Ltl Acorn range of cameras. To subscribe to our newsletter go to the bottom of our page and you will see a section to add your email to subscribe.
We will […]

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