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Ltl Acorn 5511MC


The Ltl Acorn 5511MC is the 3rd generation of Ltl Acorn 5511 cameras. These cameras will record clear high quality sharp images and video whenever anything comes within range of triggering the unique Piezoelectric infrared sensors. The cameras use a newly designed detecting principle developed and patented by Ltl Acorn which will minimise false triggers and give a slightly longer distance detection range.

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Product Description

The Ltl Acorn 5511MC is the 3rd generation of the 5511 series cameras from Ltl Acorn. With its highly sensitive Piezoelectric Infrared Radial (PIR) sensor the camera detects sudden changes of ambient temperature caused by moving game in the region of interest (ROI), triggering it to take pictures/videos.

Ltl Acorn 5511MC

The main difference between this model and the others in the Ltl Acorn range is the PIR and battery setup. The PIR in these cameras utilizes two horizontal sensors which will only trigger when the object moves into the overlapping area of the left and right sensor. This enables the object to be captured more central in the image, saves on battery power and gives a slightly longer capture range out to 65 feet.

Ltl Acorn 5511MC PIR

The battery setup is slightly different to other Ltl Acorn cameras and will enable different combinations of batteries to be used. You can use 4 x AA batteries in the camera body and 8 x AA batteries in the battery box or 4 x AA batteries in the camera body and 2 x 18650 lithiums in the battery box. This will allow longer life in the field of up to 6 months especially when using 2 x 18650 lithiums.

Ltl Acorn 5511MC Back

Some of the many features of the Ltl Acorn 5511MC include

12-Mega pixel high quality resolution
HD video at 1280 x 720p
Trigger speed 0.8 second
Time Lapse setting.
Timer enables the camera to perform at a specified time everyday.
Serial Number setting enables you to code locations in the photos
Built-in 2.36” TFT color display
Date, time, temperature and moon phase can be stamped in the picture
Lockable and password protected
Low battery alert
No glow Infrared 940nm LEDs flash range as far as 65 feet
In Cam + Video mode camera takes both pictures and video at every trigger event
Temperature range -22°F to 158°F
Operation Keypad 6 Keys
Memory SD Card (8MB ~ 32GB)
Video Size 640 x 480, 320 x 240 @ 30fps; 1280 x 720 @ 20fps
PIR Sensitivity High/Normal/Low/Off
PIR Sensing Distance 13 ~ 15 Meters
PIR Sensing Angle 100°
PIR shooting angle 55°
Operation Mode Day/Night
Trigger Interval 0sec. – 60min; Programmable
Video Length 1 – 60sec; Programmable
Camera + Video
Playback Zoom In 1 ~ 16 Times
Time Stamp On/Off; serial No., temperature and moon phase
Timer On/Off; Time Lapse Programmable
Password 4-Digit Numbers
Periodic Shot Time Lapse 1 Second ~ 24 Hours
External DC Power Supply
Stand-by Current 0.4mA
Stand-by Time 3 ~ 6 Months (4 x AA ~ 12 x AA)
Low Battery Alarm
Interface TV out
Waterproof IP54
Operation Temperature -22 ~ +158°F / -30 ~ +70°C
Operation Humidity 5% ~ 95%

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