How To Spot The Fakes

The counterfeit Ltl Acorn cameras are hard to pick as they look the same and use the same packaging. Many of the cameras that purport to be Ltl Acorn and are being sold on Ebay and other auction sites are indeed counterfeit cameras. A lot of the sellers are showing pictures of the genuine model in their listings and stating they sell the genuine product except when the package arrives it turns out to be a counterfeit. Things to look out for include no logo on the base of the camera just below the sensors, no small buckle/clasp on the bottom lid and the retail box not having a Acorn image on it. Some other things are obvious when the unit is powered up. This includes the software looking different (see images below) and the serial No is different. The genuine Ltl Acorns start with model No such as 5201A followed by a 9 digit number starting with 106 or 107.

Issues others have had with the fake cameras include the outer shell breaking as its not as strong as the genuine model, standby current in the fake cameras reaches 3-5 mA resulting in a standby mode of only 2-3 weeks instead of up to 6 months, software being very buggy causing the nightshot images to be out of synch with the flash which causes very dark pictures, camera seals allowing water into the camera compartment, not operating under -20 degrees and many other quality issues.

Afterdark Surveillance are authorised resellers of Ltl Acorn cameras in Australia and as such when you purchase from us you are getting the genuine product.

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