Did you know you can use your trail/game camera for more than just hunting deer and keeping an eye on the local wildlife. You can also use them for security around your business or home. Keeping your home or business secured from tresspassers or people who shouldnt be wandering around may not seem all that hard, but if something happens you will want to make sure that you have some type of evidence.
Trail cameras operate in a very similar manner to home security systems and cameras, and that is through using motion sensors. You can also place the game cameras strategically as a cost-efficient way of saving yourself some money.

Below we cover some things to keep in mind for using a trail camera for security purposes.

  • No Glow Cameras

If you want to capture Trespassers and unwanted visitors discreetly, then you should make sure the flash of the camera will not give you away. We only sell 940nm black light (no glow) cameras. A No glow camera uses an Infrared or IR flash to take pictures so whether it is day or night you can capture photos without the trespasser being aware they are being photographed or filmed.

  • Video Feature

Not all trail cameras come with this feature, but most cameras do. Some cameras will record video that will last up to 90 seconds or more and the video comes with sound. It’s all up to you to find what you need, and if you go for a camera with a video feature, get one that records in HD so you won’t have a grainy nighttime vision. Also a word of caution, the longer the video runs at night the more drain there will be on your batteries as the leds will be illuminated for the length of your video recording.

  • Motion Sensors

Most Trail cameras are built with motion sensors but you need to check out how far its range will cover. If you want your trail camera to cover a wide range then get one that will cover the area that you want to be covered

  • Wireless or Cellular

This is another great feature to look for in a trail camera that you’ll be using for surveillance purposes. This feature will allow photos and videos to be transmitted to your phone in real-time within just a few seconds delay.This feature is really handy especially if you have trespassers who actually manage to spot and steal your camera because even if your camera is stolen, you’ll have received the photos captured which you can use in case an investigation occurs.

  • Time Stamp

This is great a feature to have, make sure it is turned “ON.” It will help you know the time someone trespassed into your property.

  • Password Protection

Some game cameras offer this feature, it is very helpful in case someone has stolen your game camera because its photos and data won’t easily be accessed unless he or she has the password.

  • Camouflage

Make sure your cameras are concealed properly. Place it in an area where it isn’t noticeable like in a tree or in a place that will cover the area you want but where the camera isnt noticable.

LTL Acorn 6210PLUS Update
Ltl Acorn have finally finished the boxes and packages for the newest camera on the block which is the 6210Plus. All these cameras will now come in the correct box, previously they were sold in the 6310 while the correct boxes were being designed.

At Afterdark Surveillance we are also now dealers for Flir, Pard, Cono and Pulsar Thermal and Night Vision. We have a big range of Rifle mounted and Hand Held Thermal and Night Vision scopes. If we dont have it listed on our website we can get it in within 3 days. As we a ITAR compliant and have our military DECS clearance we can provide military level thermal and night vision to Govt Departments. Let us know what you are after and we can organise it with full Australian Support.

Very soon (1 – 2 weeks) we will have the new Sionyx Aurora listed for sale. These are awesome portable color night vision devices at a great affordable price. (Approx $1360) Previously these were only available to Govt end users but now will be available to the general public. Im currently taking an order list so if anyone is interested let me know so i can put one aside for you as they will go super quick.

Well thats about it for this update, next update i will let you all know how the new Ltl Acorn 4G model performs which we are currently testing. The 3G model is no longer available but we will have the 4G listed very soon on our website. Hopefully in the next week or two.