New 4G Scoutguard BG310-M

Hi everyone, weve been rather busy lately testing the new 4G camera from Scoutguard/Bolymedia the new BG310-M

This little camera comes as a full complete kit ready to rock and roll. Just insert a sim and your ready to go. The camera comes complete with Camera, 2 x rechargable 18650 Batteries, Solar Panel and Micro SDHC card. The BG310-M works perfectly with Telstra and Aldi Sims (MMS to your Phone or Email or upload images via data to the Molnus App on your phone or computer. (Optus only works with the Molnus App)

The Molnus app is great because you get instant notifications on your mobile phone similar to mms but instead of using mms and paying for messages it uses data which costs very little. I started out with around 500MB of data and after around 100 photos i had only used less than 28MB of data which isnt very much and i had the image transfer to Molnus set at normal. You also can set the image transfer as low or high which will effect the data amount you use. MMS to the mobile phone or email came through with no issues and costs the standard plan amount. Wheather you use Molnus or MMS the camera retains the full size image and sends a smaller quality image to Molnus (depending on what settings you use) or MMS.

The camera will capture images at up to18 megapixel and capture video at 720p with sound. The IR 940nm (black Light) will capture movement out to around 25 meters and the PIR will detect movement out to around 30 meters.

Below are the full Specifications

Cellular Trail Camera Features:

  1. 18MP image resolution and 720p video
  2. 100ft. Detection and 70ft. flash range
  3. 57 Degree FOV
  4. Quick trigger time: Less than 0.7s, trigger interval: 0s-1h
  5. 940nm black IR LED lights
  6. Supports up to a 32GB Micro SD card
  7. 1.44” color LCD
  8. Adjustable Sensor
  9. One of the smallest game cameras on the market (107 x 76 x 40 mm)
  10. Support the Boly solar panel

​11. Uses 2 x 18650 rechargable batteries, length 67-69mm

Afterdark Surveillance supplies these cameras as a complete kit. You get the camera, 2 x 18650 rechargable batteries, 32 GB Micro SD card and the compatable Boly Solar Panel.

We have also been testing the Ltl Acorn Mini30 alongside the BG310-M and will have a write up in our next Blog update. We had a test model to test a year ago and you can see our video review here, we were very impresed then and after a few software revisions retested recently and have been very impressed with it.
Suffice to say the 30 megapixel Ltl Acorn Mini30 worked very well with crisp clear pictures and great 1080p video. Keep an eye out for our next blog update for all the details and the camera will be on our website soon.

Thats it for this update so stay safe and enjoy the coming long weekend.