As many of you will know already the 2G network is on its way out which will leave many of the older MMS cameras obsolete for mms messaging. There are only a couple of true 3G cameras on the marked at the moment that work well in Australia and one of those is the awesome Scoutguard that we currently sell.

I have been regulary in contact with Ltl Acorn in regards to new updates and cameras and am happy to announce that we will soon have a true 3G camera available from Ltl Acorn. Ltl Acorn will be sending me a test camera within the next 4 weeks for me to try out and evaluate. The 3G model has been extensively tested by them already and it is now ready for the market.

Some of the 3G features are:

WCDMA 3.5G module, upload speed is up to 5.76Mbps

Support for transmiting full size pictures and video upto 50M to email by 3G network. It will take less than 1 minute
from triggering to finish sending 1.5M size picture to email, and less than 2 minutes for 9.5M size video when the 3G network is running well.

Supports sending thumbnail to mobile or email by MMS (multimedia message) to save on 3G traffic.

2 ways of transmission optional:
1. Transmit after shooting.
2. Transmit all unsent pictures at once at a specified time, the 3G module is powered off out the transmission period to reduce power consumption.

Support to send commands to 3G module by SMS to modify the camera parameters and trigger remotely.

Support to send commands to 3G module to transmit the full size picture to email according to the thumbnail received on mobile.

SMS remote control function can be set by timing to wakeup to the 3G module, SMS wakeup interval can be set as 10 minutes or 1 – 24 hours, the shorter of the interval, the faster of command responding, but more power would be consumed.

Support to power off the module by camera setting when the 3G function is not in use it won’t consume any additional power and would work as a basic camera without 3G function.

Some of the Camera features are:

High quality picture of 12MP resolution.

Wide angle series products with 100 degrees lens angle to expand shooting range greatly.

Real high definition video with audio record of 1440X1080, H.264 format.

In Cam+Video mode, picture and video will be both recorded at every trigger.

Quick burst shoot every other 1 second.

Ultra-long standby time of 6 months with 12 x AA batteries.

Applying patented two passive infrared sensors technology, the camera detects animals in advance from wide scope in two stages, then quick trigger to shoot.

The trigger time is less than 0.2 seconds when animals pass by.

Flexible setting selection: Setting parameters of camera and 3G MMS on PC setup, or android, iPhone mobile App.

Memory overwrite: Delete the early pictures or videos to make room for new records.

Low battery alert.

Ltl Acorn 3G

After ive had a chance to play around with the camera ill post some pictures of it and do a bit of a review on it. Hopefully it will be as good as Ltl Acorn are saying it is πŸ™‚

Very shortly in about a week or two we will also be stocking some military grade thermal imaging scopes. These are far superior to conventional night vision and can see human and animal heat signatures through foliage and in pitch black night time conditions. These Scopes are manafactured by a chinese company for military and police use but they are slowly gaining traction amongst hunters and security conscious people and are a real game changer. The technology in these scopes is way above the old style thermal scopes, the images are really clear, viewing distance is far superior to some of the high end FLIR models and the price is affordable.

Thermal Image

Thermal Scope

Thermal 1

We will post some images and video of the scopes in action in an upcomming blog post. Keep your eye on the website as they will be listed for sale soon .

Well thats it for this month, if you have some great Ltl Acorn pics send them in and ill include them in the next blog post.