Hi everyone, i hope you have all been keeping safe and sane in these coronavirus times. We have a few new updates for you all this month and have some new images captured with the new Scoutguard BG310-M

A you can see the images that the camera produces are really good and these have been reduced in size for the blog write up. This is a 4G camera so can transmit to your mobile phone or to the Molnus app on an android or ios phone. We were using an Aldi sim for these photos as Aldi works on the Telstra network.
You can read more about the camera in our previous blog here and below is a video we added to our website highlighting the camera.

We are now able to supply Reconyx cameras including their number plate capture camera which is the single best camera for night time plate capture. This is a best in class camera built for this specific purpose and is an invaluable tool for councils and govt departments looking to target illegal dumping hotspots or wanting to capture unauthorised vehicles at night entering areas they shouldnt be in.
We will have them up on the website very soon but can supply now if anyone has any orders or requests.


As many of you all know we also supply a large range of Thermal night vision and IR Night Vision scopes and monoculars. We had the opportunity to test out a Pard NV007A last week in pretty overcast raining conditions with no moon. We used it purely as a hand held monocular for the testing without attaching to a scope. The night vision was captured in total blackout conditions with no moonlight, starlight or ambient lighting from buildings etc and you couldnt see your hand directly in front of your face. To say we were impressed is an understatement, these little scope attached night vision devices are amazing in the day or at night. Check out our video below.


Thats it for this update so stay safe and we will have more news and updates soon.