Ltl Acorn Mini 30

Ltl Acorn Mini 30


New for 2020 The new Ltl Acorn Mini 30 is the latest addition from Ltl Acorn. Its tiny and compact with a powerhouse Japanese 14MP BSI CMOS image sensor capable of taking clear crips 30 MP images and 1080P (1920X1080) 30fps full HD video with audio.

Product Description

Ltl Acorn Mini 30

The Ltl Acorn Mini 30 is the latest portable trail camera from Ltl Acorn which records high definition images up to 30MP using a state of the art Japanese 14 MP BSI Image sensor. It will also record video (1920 x 1080p) with clear audio directly onto an internal micro SD card.

The Ltl Acorn Mini 30 has a wide angle lens with a 130 degree field of view and can be set to capture one, two or three images per trigger and also has the ability to capture images and videos simultaneously.

This camera does not have a built in screen, but comes with a detachable exeternal LCD screen in order to playback recordings and access the menu options. The Mini30 is also weatherproof to IP68 rating standard, which enables it to be used more reliably in a range of weather conditions and across all seasons.

Black Light No Glow infrared LEDs

The Ltl Acorn Mini 30 that we sell comes with Black Light 940nm No-Glow infrared LEDs. This will produce colour images during the day and black and white images and video footage in low light and night conditions. Infrared brightness control helps to prevent white out of images where subjects are closer to the camera.

External LCD Screen

The ltl Acorn Mini 30 does not have a built in screen but instead uses a detachable external screen. When checking your cameras you simply take the external screen out with you, connect it to the camera and this will allow you to playback any recordings and also access the menu system to change the set up.  The external screen requires no extra power as it will draw this from the camera when connected.

Using an external screen makes positioning the camera very easy as you can see exactly what the camera is “looking” at whilst your setting it up. No need to take images, look at them and keep re-adjusting etc to get that perfect position.

Micro SD Card Capacity

The Ltl Acorn Mini 30 can take a maximum size 128G micro SD card allowing the capture of hours of video footage or thousands of images.


1080P (1920X1080) 30fps full HD video with audio.
30MP high-definition photos, optional 14MP/10MP/3MP, using a high-end image processor with Japanese 14MP BSI CMOS image sensor and 130° wide angle lens (7G + 1 IR CUT).
Ltl Acorn Low Power Dual PIR Sensor, camera standby current is 100uA.
Fast shooting speed: 0.6 seconds from triggering to finishing taking picture.
Dual PIR infrared sensing to avoid missed shots and reduce false triggers.
Supports up to 128G branded micro SD card.
File protection function to avoid files recorded being deleted by mistake.
130 degrees wide-angle lens, three optional models, respectively installed with the super
bright infrared night vision LEDs 940nm, 850nm or white light, has a wide range of shooting angles and
excellent night vision effect, automatically switch between color and night vision mode.
Requires 4 AA ultra-low self-discharge Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
We stock Fujitsu rechargable batteries Here.
With 4 fully charged AA ultra-low self-discharge Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, the standby time of camera is more than 8 months outdoors.
Supports external power supply or solar panel 7~12V.
External display through Type-C interface included to allow you to playback any recordings and also access the menu system to change the set up and set parameters.
20 meters infrared sensing distance
Ingress protection IP68, password protected, time lapse mode and two timers to make it possible to work at different periods as required.


Ltl Acorn Quick Comparison Table

Model Ltl-5310A Ltl-5610A Ltl-6210PLUS Ltl-Mini30
Price $225 $245 $290 $310
Type Standard Series Professional Series Professional Series Professional Series
Image Resolution 12MP 14MP 12MP 30MP
Video Resolution 1920x1080p HD 1920x1080p HD 1440x1080p HD 1920x1080p HD
Trigger Speed 0.6s 0.6s 0.2s 0.6s
Night Vision Range 20m/65ft 20m/65ft 20m/65ft 20m/65ft
Lens FOV 55 Degrees 55 Degrees 55 Degrees 130 Degrees
GPS Co-ord Input N/A Yes N/A N/A
Sound Recording Yes Yes Yes Yes
Batteries 4 to 8 AAs 4 to 12 AAs 4 to 12 AAs 4 AAs
IP Rating IP54 IP54 IP68 IP68
Model Update 2020 2020 2020 2020


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